Private Label – The Perfect Time for Sales Growth

Private Label is growing in most European countries right now, as the cost of living crisis deepens, with inflation rising rapidly and consumers looking to manage their ever-tightening budgets. It has never been so important to ensure that your business is optimised for strong Private Label sales.

With consultants working across 9 different European countries, IPLC is here to help you grow your business and become even more successful.

From w/c September 12, IPLC will start with a series of informative newsletters. Each will focus on a specific theme, relevant to all players in the Private Label supply chain.

The topics that will be discussed are:

1. How to be the Private Label Supplier of Choice
2. Being the best Private Label operator
3. The Art of Negotiation for Private Label contracts
4. Supercharge your business for your next trade show
5. The ultimate preparation for your customer meetings
6. It’s not just price that will win you more business
7. Is your Private Label strategy still fit for purpose?
8. Driving Private Label growth
9. The right structure to ensure success in Private Label
10. Supplying both brands and Private Label can work!
11. The huge opportunity for the Supply Industry within Private Label

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Private Label Innovation in the UK Vegan sector

The explosion of new product launches in the Vegan sector continues.

The UK plant-based market value is second only in size to the US, and continues to lead the way in new product innovation across Private Label in Europe.

January is the key period with all retailers expanding their Vegan ranges to tie in with the fast growing Veganuary campaign.

Our UK Partner, Paul Stainton, summarises some of the most innovative and exciting Private Label launches for this January in the UK, and highlights a few key points for Private Label manufacturers to consider.

For further information, or to discuss Private Label developments and opportunities in the UK, please contact Paul at

Valuable insight for Private Label manufacturers

Last week Simon Wainwright, Global Insight & Analytics Director, at IGD interviewed my colleague Paul Stainton, Partner at IPLC in the UK.
As a former Group Buying Director at Aldi UK, Paul shared truly interesting insight for Private Label suppliers on topics such as:

-The trends in Private Label as a result of the global pandemic
-What retailers expect from their suppliers
-How to address innovation and why it so important
-The importance of sustainability in Private Label
-How Private Label can help engage with the consumer
-E-commerce and the challenge for Private Label

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