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  • Online retailers

Since the concept of Private Label emerged in Europe several decades ago, retailers have invested heavily into building strong branding and have placed Private Label at the centre of their strategies. IPLC consultants have all worked in the Private Label market, either from the retail side or as a manufacturer supplying Private Label. This wealth of experience is now assessible to our retail clients, using our expertise around the world.

Design of the Private Label strategy

Today private label is used to support a number of different objectives of the retailer, encompasing quality, price, sustainability, environmental concerns, animal welfare and social engagement. Consolidation within the European retail market has driven intense competition, and Private label has played a central role in strategies designed to build consumers’ loyalty to the brand whilst improving profitability. IPLC has actively supported retail clients in the development and implementation of a private label strategies. IPLC offers expertise in designing the house brand architecture, range, price strategy, quality management and packaging design.

Purchasing support

Finding suitable suppliers can be a challenge. This applies to both smaller Retailers who struggle to offer the minimum volume to meet the manufacturer’s requirements, as well as the larger Retailers who are looking for small-scale, innovative suppliers. Through our network of offices, IPLC has significant connections with local manufacturers in many different markets within the EU. Often we  have direct access to decision-making management in the food and non-food industry, meaning that successful cooperation can be quickly achieved.

Support in the operation

The successful implementation of a Private Label strategy requires knowledge and experience in the Private Label supply chain and based on its experience, IPLC can assist retail clients in implementing the right organisational structure. Our support can include coaching the retailer’s team in implementing the strategy, as well as in the recruitment, education and training of staff. IPLC has developed an efficient methodology for category analysis that identifies gaps within a category for effective range development.

Our clients

  • Agenor (Switzerland)
  • AholdDelhaize (Netherlands)
  • AMS Sourcing (Netherlands)
  • ASDA (United Kingdom)
  • Azizia Panda (Saudi Arabia)
  • Budnikowsky (Germany)
  • Centrop (Netherlands)
  • Coop (Switzerland)
  • Coop (Netherlands)
  • Coop Trading (Denmark)
  • CRH Distribution (Netherlands)
  • DA Retail (Netherlands)
  • Delhaize Group (Belgium)
  • DetailResult (Netherlands)
  • Edeka Aktivmarkt (Germany)
  • Euretco (Netherlands)
  • Euromadi (Portugal)
  • Flanders Opticians (Belgium)
  • HADAC (Netherlands)
  • ICA (Sweden)
  • Jumbo Supermarkten (Netherlands)
  • Lenta LLC (Russian Federation)
  • Leclerc (France)
  • Majed Al Futtaim (UAE)
  • Makro (Belgium)
  • Makro (Netherlands)
  • Mercadona (Spain)
  • Metro (Vietnam)
  • Metro (China)
  • Metro International (Germany)
  • O’Lacy International (Netherlands)
  • Optitrade Retailgroup (Netherlands)
  • SCAMARK (France)
  • Shufersal (Israel)
  • Spar Group (South Africa)
  • Topclass Group (Netherlands)
  • United Nordic (Norway)
  • Vomar Voordeelmarkt (Netherlands)
  • Walmart (Canada)
  • Walmart (Mexico)