Service Industry

  • Private Equity
  • Strategy Consulting firms
  • Banks
  • Universities

Companies wanting to enter the Private Label market often want quick and direct access to specific knowledge and experience in the supply chain. The professionals at IPLC are capable of offering unique access to networks and sharing invaluable insight.

Insight into the Supply Chain

The business model of a Private Label producer differs fundamentally from that of a brand producer. For companies or organisations that are outside of the market, the Private Label supply chain and the role of the various parties in it is not obvious. In the past decade, the Private Label industry has evolved into a highly professional sector and the service industry has not escaped the spectacular growth of this market. Scale in production and innovation are often the key elements for building long-term relationships with Retailers. IPLC has extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, supporting parties involved in a merger and acquisition processes.

Due Diligence

The consolidation in the Private Label production industry has largely been initiated and driven by private equity. Many Private Label producers are still family businesses, many of which are managed differently from listed companies. In some cases, value can be unlocked by managing a company differently with a greater focus on financial parameters. Through a buy-and-build strategy, scale and expertise can be created in the European market. Because Private Label producers can supply on a limited-term contract basis, it is crucial for the acquirer to make an assessment of the quality and sustainability of sales in an acquisition. The future cashflow and return can suddenly change if one or more customers are lost. IPLC offers a comprehensive service to establish the true value of a company’s Private Label contracts.

Market analysis

In the Private Label market and the supply chain it can be hard to access reliable information due to its less than transparent nature. Companies or individuals wishing to acquire, or merge need to have comprehensive insight into the market, even at the preliminary phase. The database of IPLC has proved to be an invaluable source of information and can offer access to qualitative and quantitative market information combined with insight into the competitive landscape.

Our clients

  • 3i Europe plc Benelux (Netherlands)
  • AECOC (Spain)
  • Agrar Marketing M-V (Gemany)
  • Barclays (UK)
  • Bencis (Netherlands)
  • Blue Business Media (Poland)
  • Bord Bia (Ireland)
  • Boston Consulting Group (Netherlands)
  • Capitalmind (Netherlands)
  • DBG Managing Partner (Germany)
  • Diametric (UK)
  • Egeria (Netherlands)
  • Eurocommerce (Europe)
  • FEEF (France)
  • Food made in Germany
  • Gilde Buyout
  • Handelsverband Deutschland (HDE)
  • Kepler Equities (UK)
  • L.E.K. Consulting (UK)
  • Marca by BolognaFiere (Italy)
  • Monteagle (South Africa)
  • Nimbus (Netherlands)
  • Nyenrode Business University (Netherlands)
  • PLMA (Netherlands/US)
  • Postnl (Netherlands)
  • PWC Transaction Services (Netherlands)
  • Quadriga Capital Services (Germany)
  • Roland Berger (Netherlands)
  • Rotterdam School of Management (Netherlands)
  • Shaldor (Israel)
  • Stamford Partners (Netherlands)
  • Studio 100 Media (Germany)
  • Tilburg University (Netherlands)