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The Price is Right?

Supermarket Pricing Strategies and the Evolving Role of Private Label

Monday 27 May as of 12:00 | Novotel Amsterdam

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Since its foundation in 2003, IPLC has been involved in a large number of training courses and presentations around the world. We view the sharing of deep insights and practical experience as an important part of our service.

The knowledge was built up because our consultants worked for years in the private label industry and then from an advisory role on client projects. In addition, IPLC carries out a major survey every year on a relevant topic and we publish articles, columns and books to share our knowledge with the players in the private label chain. We see keeping our knowledge up-to-date and explaining developments as an essential activity for our company.


In the interactive workshop that we provide for private label producers, the following topics are discussed:

  • Update of the latest trends and developments in the European private label market.
  • Insight into the role of private label in the overall strategy of retailers and the way in which category growth and profitability is  created.
  • Sharing knowledge on how best in class private label suppliers develop and maintain their relationships with retailers and succeed in creating value (competing on elements other than price alone).
  • The procurement process of private label and the expectations of retailers with regard to their suppliers (company score cards).
  • Analysis of the discount retail model and what this distribution channel expects from their suppliers.
  • How mainstream retailers respond to the success of discount retailers with a new strategy and private label architecture.
  • Private label innovation and the role of the supply industry (suppliers of packaging, ingredients, raw materials).

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