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Great Christmas Seasonal Innovation in the UK

Private Label products always play a key role in retailers’ Christmas Seasonal ranges. 2023 is no exception and, across Europe, we are seeing some super new products across the key retailers. Arguably, the UK leads the way with a considerable amount of shelf space dedicated to showcase the amazing ranges offered. In this presentation, our […]

IPLC – 20 years of great solutions!

Today it is 20 years since I founded IPLC. More by coincidence than by choice, I started my career in the Private Label industry back in the 1980s. After graduation, the vast majority of my fellow students joined ‘blue chip’ companies. Some of my friends were surprised by my choice -one had not entered university […]

The Evolving Balance of Power

IPLC’s latest report “The Evolving Balance of Power” investigates how Brexit, the Covid Pandemic, War in Ukraine, and the subsequent surge in costs across the world, have changed relationships between retailers and suppliers in the FMCG industry. How Private Label Suppliers and Buyers can Win through Collaboration What a volatile start to the 2020’s – […]

The Ultimate Guide to Prepare your Buyer meeting

By Remy Medina and Richard Harrow As a private label manufacturer, it’s important to tailor your preparation for a buyer meeting based on their specific retail needs. Understanding the specific issues of your counterpart will ensure you prepare a robust presentation. Here are some key steps to help you to prepare yourself for this meeting: […]

It’s not just Price that will Win you more Business

By Koen de Jong and Paul Stainton Gone are the days when the cheapest price will win a tender for Private Label business. The most successful players in the European Private Label industry are capable of creating added value on top of the physical product. Although this is difficult to measure, it can be of […]

Private Label Seminar 22 May

A New Era for Private Label Navigating New Retailer Buying Strategies So much has changed in the last three years: Brexit, COVID, the war in Ukraine and the current inflation crisis. The balance of power has shifted back and forth between retailers and manufacturers. We are seeing retailers deploying new strategies. Some are long-term, collaborative […]

IPLC Opens Office in North America

We are pleased to announce that Sandra Farwell has joined IPLC. Based in Toronto, Canada she will run the office in the position of Partner Northern America. Sandra has over 30 years experience in the International Private Label Market, leading buying and Private Label teams across food and non-food categories. Sandra started as a food […]

Supercharge your Business for your Next Trade Show

Trade shows can be an effective way for businesses to showcase their products or services, network with potential clients and partners, and gather market intelligence. We regularly discuss trade shows with commercial directors in our Private Label Groups and gather that most of the preparation time is dedicated to the logistics of the event: stand […]

The Art of Private Label Negotiations

Investing in negotiation skills is a top priortiy right now By Malachy O’Connor, Partner IPLC We are so busy dealing with current challenges at the moment that it’s easy to forget just how much change we have seen in the last three years. Brexit, the global pandemic, war in Ukraine and the consequent inflation crisis […]

Being the best Private Label operator

It is vital to focus on a few critical key areas to become a best in class operator By Koen de Jong and Paul Stainton The private label market can be characterised as a quasi monopsony. This is a market form in which a few very powerful buyers interface with many suppliers. It results in […]