Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • Private label manufacturers in food and non-food
  • Suppliers in fresh categories

It can be invaluable to have access to sound advice based upon experience and knowledge for complex topics or strategic support. IPLC consultants are often involved with Board and senior management in assisting the formulation of the strategy.

Strategic and commercial advice

IPLC is able to assist an organization in some issues and challenges faced, such as:

  • Does the production of Private Labels combine with that of branded products?
  • Which product to market combinations are best for the organisation to focus on?
  • How can a Private Label manufacturer compete on elements other than just price?
  • Where does the organisation find drivers for innovation?
  • What is the right strategy for entering foreign markets?
  • IPLC challenges a client’s thought process and acts as sounding board for critical thinking.

Business analysis and benchmarking

For a thorough business analysis we have developed a special tool called the IPLC Quick Scan. This standardised analysis, combined with our knowledge and experience in the Private Label industry, enables IPLC consultants to understand  a company’s standing in the marketplace. With this proven methodology a client’s key employees across various departments, are interviewed using our comprehensive questionnaire. To support this, appropriate documents from the businsess are analysed. The purpose of this study is to audit the processes, procedures and reports used and subsequently a comparison can be made against the best in class Private Label manufacturers. Based upon the insight generated from the IPLC Quick Scan, recommendations are made to improve operational performance. The analysis can be extended to the company’s NPD strategy, including the launch and costing process. We are also able to audit the current range. Finally, IPLC can also play a role in the implementation of the proposed strategy.

Market analysis and business planning

Using our own consultant’s experience and extensive network in the industry we conduct market analysis projects. To support this we have a database, providing historical insight into the Private Label market supported by up-to-date market information. This gives invaluable information for strategic decision making and business planning.

Assistance in mergers and takeovers

In almost every product category there is overcapacity in the Private Label manufacturing, and over the past decade this has led to a surge in mergers and takeovers. Consolidation of the private label manufacturing industry has created large professional players who, often on a pan-European scale, work side-by-side with retailers. IPLC has been involved in numerous projects in which assistance was provided in competition and market analysis or commercial due diligence.

Market assessment
The Private Label market is far less transparent than that of national brands, and in a merger or takeover, it is therefore essential to collect as much information as possible in the preliminary phase. The database of IPLC has proved to be an invaluable source of information and can offer access to qualitative and quantitative market information combined with insight into the competition landscape.

Commercial due diligence
Manufacturers in the Private Label industry generally work with annual supply contracts, and it is of vital importance in cases of  mergers or takeovers to have reliable insight into the quality and sustainability of the manufacturer’s turnover. IPLC offers a comprehensive service to establish the true value of a company’s Private Label contracts.

Our clients

  • Agristo (Belgium)
  • All Crump (Belgium)
  • Anova Seafood (Netherlands)
  • Bakkersland Banket (Netherlands)
  • Bakkersland (Netherlands)
  • Boyne Valley (Ireland)
  • Continental Bakeries (Netherlands)
  • Coroos (Nehterlands)
  • CSM (Netherlands)
  • Dailycer (France)
  • Danish Bottling Company (Denmark)
  • Delicpol (Poland)
  • Den Berk Délice (Belgium)
  • Deutches Milchkontor (Germany)
  • Dr Klaus Karg (Germany)
  • Farm Dairy (Netherlands)
  • FrieslandCampina (Netherlands)
  • Frisch & Frost (Austria)
  • Glacio (Belgium)
  • Global Green Company (India)
  • Greencore Convenience Foods (Netherlands)
  • Groupe Fructa Partners (France)
  • Helwa (Netherlands)
  • Hessing Supervers (Netherlands)
  • Hollebeekhoeve (België)
  • Hornillas (Chile)
  • IgloMora (Netherlands)
  • Käserei Champignon Hofmeister (Germany)
    • Kate’s Cake (UK)
    • Kwetters (Netherlands)
    • Kennemervis Group (Netherlands)
    • Lusoforma (Portugal)
    • Makani (Poland)
    • Mistolin (Portugal)
    • Nicols (Belgium)
    • NMGK (Russian Federation)
    • North Sea Food Holland (Netherlands)
    • Oerlemans Foods (Netherlands)
    • Poco Loco (Paulig Group, Sweden)
    • Pepsico International (Netherlands)
    • PPF Petfoods (Netherlands)
    • Refresco (Netherlands)
    • Royal Fassin (Netherlands)
    • Schwartauer Werke (Germany)
    • Scholtus Proline (Netherlands)
    • Special Fruit NV (Belgium)
    • Stegeman (Netherlands)
    • Tomassen Duck-To (Netherlands)
    • Unilever Ice Cream & Frozen Food (Netherlands)
    • Unilever (Poland)
    • United Coffee (Netherlands)
    • Perfetti-van Melle (Netherlands)
  • Bevaplast (Netherlands)
  • Codi (Netherlands)
  • Colep (Portugal)
  • McBride (UK)
  • Nopa Nordic (Denmark)
  • Orpro (Dubai)
  • Precot Meridian (India)
  • Procter & Gamble (Switzerland)
  • Propack (Germany)
  • Royal Sanders (Netherlands)
  • Ridam (Netherlands)
  • SigmaKalon (Netherlands)
  • Sivomatic (Netherlands)
  • WEPA Production (Germany)