Private Label Groups

In this increasingly competitive world, Private Label suppliers face many challenges surrounding market conditions, retail customer requirements, production and logistics issues, and labour shortages.

It is easy for the CEO, MD, or Commercial Director of a supplier to feel somewhat isolated when in need of tackling some of these challenges. To support suppliers, IPLC runs numerous Private Label Groups (PLGs) across different countries.

Each PLG comprises of a limited number of Private Label suppliers, each of which comes from an exclusive product category. In this non-competing environment, members share views, discussing how the market is influencing Private Label development and finding unexpected solutions to problems from industry peers.

Experiences and best practices are shared in an open forum chaired by an IPLC Consultant. From a compliance point of view all members agree to adhere to a Code of Conduct. External speakers are invited to these meetings which take place both physically and virtually across each year.

The insight gathered supports the members to improve their strategic decision making and to understand the specific ways of working of retailers within the relevant country.

12 Private Label Groups are now up and running, comprising of 170 members. For more information please contact your local IPLC consultant.


IPLC group provides a good platform to share industry knowledge and challenges across different food businesses. The discussions are very topical which helps us collectively navigate through best solutions.

Every day is a learning day! For me, it is important to understand what is happening in other non-competing but similar businesses as well. In general, we are facing the same challenges and we can learn from each other.

With non-competing members within the group, close relations can be developed enabling open and supportive discussions across a wide variety of business challenges.

The Private Label Group gives a very realistic sounding board for solutions and ideas relating to challenges faced by the individual businesses concerned, and also many more day-to-day questions as well. I would recommend any food (or non-food) business involved in Private Label manufacturing to come along to one of the sessions to give it a try.

As a PL supplier to the UK market, the knowledge transfer and interaction with private label experts has been invaluable.  We’re stronger because of our membership!

Insights through guest presentations, sharing experiences with group members; interactive and very useful. I really try to keep my agenda free for the afternoon meetings and dinners.

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