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    • Food retailers
    • Drugstores

    The concept of Private Label emerged in Europe several decades ago. Retailers have invested heavily into building their stores into strong brands and have placed Private Label at the centre of their strategies. Today a retailers brand is used to convey many complex messages to consumers from quality, to price, to sustainability, to social concerns, indeed the list today seems endless.

    We have also seen Retail concentration through out Europe which has fuelled competition. Private Label has played a pivotal role in strategies to drive shopper loyalty and improving profit in the face of this concentration of market share.

    IPLC consultants have all worked in the Private Label market, either from the retail side or as a manufacturer supplying Private Label. This wealth of experience over many years is now available to our retail clients with our expertise being used in numerous projects around the world.


  • Our activities have ranged from:

    • Building a Private Label strategy and architecture
    • Coaching and training in support of operational execution.
    • Category analysis and recommendations to improve category performance
    • Retailer Brand positioning
    • Pricing strategies
    • Reviewing and fine-tuning the Private Label assortment
    • Supplier selection and contractual collaboration
    • Packaging design and in-store promotion
    • Product quality management
    • Selection of packaging design agencies

    Whilst in Europe the role that Private Label plays in retail is well established, in many other parts of the world Private Label is either not present or at the very early stages of development in the market. IPLC are able to support retailers wanting to start or develop their Private Label strategies. This can mean getting right from the start avoiding costly mistakes.

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