Business Analysis and Benchmarking

Self Assessment Tool for Private Label Manufacturers and Suppliers

Would you like to gain a better insight into your business performance and compare it with your peers in the market?

IPLC offers an online service product to support Private Label manufacturers in a self-assessment of their operational performance.

Based on knowledge and experience in the Private Label industry, our consultants have identified criteria that are crucial for success in areas such as:

• Production Efficiency
• Innovation and Research & Development
• Supply Chain Management
• Procurement
• Product Quality and Safety
• Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility
• Compliance and Regulation
• Market and Competition
• Customer Satisfaction
• Employee Engagement and Development
• Financial Performance

Through our easy-to-use online platform, managers throughout your business are asked to review a number of statements across the identified criteria.

Following completion, a dashboard is available showing the results for the company as a whole, per department, and per statement.

The scores can then be compared with the average scores of sector peers, allowing for KPIs for management action to be formulated.

For more information about this service or a demo, please contact the IPLC consultant in your market.

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