Supply industry

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    • Packaging manufacturers
    • Raw material and ingredient suppliers

    For a long period of time brand manufacturers drove innovation in the food industry. Times have changed though as brand manufacturers are increasingly reluctant to innovate. The supply industry is aware of this trend and finds it increasingly difficult to take its innovations to the market via the branded route.

    On the other hand retail brand manufacturers are challenged by their retail clients to support them in their effort to differentiate from the competition. Private Label plays a pivotal role in this process as packaging, recipe, price and assortment can all be tailored to specific retailer requirement.

    As a result the supply industry actively seeks to engage with retail brand manufacturers and retailers alike to drive the innovation process. However this new route to market is difficult to navigate and can bde challenging to understand.

    IPLC offers a deep understanding of the potential issues as well as knowledge of best practice, so that pitfalls can be avoided. This can be of tremendous value to the supply industry. We consider it is essential to learn from best practice and from sources well versed in this complex area.

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