Reviews on The Private Label Revolution

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In March The Private Label Revolution was published. Now that the book has been read by many, it has received excellent reviews in recent months from many industry specialists, academics and other professionals.

Here is what the readers think of the book:

“An absolute must read for everybody involved in FMCG. The book is a source of deep insight at both retailer and manufacturer level”
Jonas Kærgaard Petersen, Global Business Development

“I really liked the predecessing book of IPLC on private label. It’s quite tough to find good books on the subject of private label despite its significant market share in food and beverages”
John Nener, Experienced multinational M&A and corporate development professional

“Just finished reading this book, immensely enjoyed it, and highly recommend it. What makes this book stand out is that it not only discusses private labels from the perspective of the retailer and the brand manufacturer, but also from the (dedicated) private label manufacturer and the supply industry. Anyone interested in understanding the intriguing world of store brands will benefit tremendously by reading this book”
Inge Geyskens, Professor of Marketing at Tilburg University

“A great book, definitely a must-read for all those who work in retail. Very well describes supplier and retailer relationship. I particularly liked the part about building private label architectures and packaging design creation. The supermarketification of discount retail is an extremly interesting topic in terms of market trends. I enjoyed reading it”
Tanja Perović Al Hamashi, Head of Own Brands Category Management Department Delhaize Srbija

“A very interesting read
Martijn Schreurs, Partner Gilde Buy Out Partners

“Despite the fairly high price of the book, it was worth every minute of reading. It gave us valuable insights that will help our company in its strategic decision-making in this extremely competitive market”
Alphons Thijssen, Geschäftsführer Frisch und Frost GmbH

“In my opinion this book can be considered as the new ‘Private Label Handbook’. The printing is of high quality and beautifully illustrated with many real-world examples of store brands. A book worth every minute of reading”
Laurens Sloot, Professor Retail Marketing at University of Groningen and Founder of EFMI Business School, Manager of the year 2017

“Interesting private label food for thought”
Arend Bouwer, Managing Director at Farm Dairy

“This book is probably the most comprehensive publication on retailer brands to date. It shares practical knowledge and experience that will provide a deeper understanding of the complexity of running a private-label business in an extremely competitive market”
European Supermarket News (ESM), Issue 3, 2019

“What a fantastic book from a good friend and industry expert. I recommend this book to every private label professional”
Juan De Paoli, Senior Vice President Private Brands at Ahold Delhaize

“I want to alert you to a wonderful new book on private labels. The book gives a comprehensive overview of the European private label scape, combining theory with consulting experience and research conducted by IPLC. It covers a broad set of hot topics, from private label proliferation and architecture to design and sourcing. Another nice feature of the book is that it contains a wealth of pictures (in color) of private label products, which should be a source of inspiration to retailers around the world. Each chapter concludes with useful takeaways. One “bonus” is a pictorial overview of the private label architecture of 20 retailers, ranging from the UK to Russia. I warmly recommend this book to anybody who is interested in private labels”
Jan Benedict Steenkamp, Author of Retail Disruptors, Global Brand Strategy, Brand Breakout and Private Label Strategy

“The Private Label Revolution discusses the discounter magic and often successful strategies of mainstream retailers. It explains why national brands struggle to keep up”

“Again an insightful book, very well worth reading!”
Marc Renne, Partner Nimbus

“A must-read for everyone working in the private label domain.  Highly relevant to the academic field to remain in touch with the latest developments among retailers, national brand manufacturers and dedicated private label suppliers.  Like all previous books in the series, I very much enjoyed reading this update and gained a lot of new insights”
Marnik Dekimpe, Research Professor of Marketing,  Tilburg University & KU Leuven

“The Private Label Revolution presents a look inside the world of European private label and its phenomenal growth with a special emphasis on the disruption of the European market by discount grocers. De Jong embraces the commoditization of packaged goods and its impact on the growth of private label with a few concise questions”
Christopher Durham, President, My Private Brand, Co-founder The Vertex Awards

“In the recent book of IPLC, Koen de Jong and his colleagues in Europe explain successful private label strategies”
Distrifood magazine

“Koen, I have just received my copy of this wonderful book. It is an excellently produced and insightful publication that we will use for much learnings on the European PL market. Well done!”
Edward Horgan, Sales Manager at Delicatessen Supplies

“I devoured this book last weekend. A must-read for anyone interested in a private label. A plethora of insights”
Marc Waelbers, Change manager, inspirator and business developer. Passionate about food, wine and inbound marketing methodology.

“For some insights into how private label is accelerating across Europe including Ireland this recently published book is Excellent”
David Leydon, Head of Food & AgriBusiness at ifac

“Must read for everyone working with private labels”
Mona van Wijk, Retail Manager and Value Selling Expert at Tetra Pak

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