Jonas Kærgaard Petersen

Partner Nordic

With 25 years experience in markets across the globe, Jonas has a strong international background. As COO for a Danish private label manufacturer in the household cleaning and personal care sector, he was active in markets such as Europe, Asia, the US and Australia for almost 15 years. Prior to this period he also gained solid insight into the DIY retailer brand and DIY retail market as Head of Sales in Central Europe for an American paint manufacturer.

Jonas has a keen interest in topics related to sustainability and as of 2007 he pioneered sustainable private label manufacturing. This strategy turned his company into the largest private label manufacturer in home- and personal care in northern Europe. Over the years he gathered substantial experience in product innovation and created profitable sustainable solutions that resulted in award winning products. This success was among others achieved by setting-up and facilitating innovation workshops involving ingredient suppliers, retailers, and scientists. Over the recent past he has worked as a consultant on projects in various categories such as diapers, canned fish and baby food.

Jonas turned work into his hobby and closely follows the latest trends and developments in sustainability. He enjoys reading reports, keeps track of consumer behaviour, packaging and plastic reduction. He has an entrepreneurial spirit and continuously seeks new opportunities and potential. He likes to take a different view on things and from a completely new perspective. With his experience and deep understanding of the Nordic markets Jonas seeks to support retailers, private label manufacturers and suppliers. These countries have a rather complex and fragmented retail structure and with outside support parties may be navigated to success. Furthermore, opportunities in the Asian Pacific and North American market will be explored.

Jonas speaks fluent English, German and Danish (mother tongue)

Prior experience

  • Valspar Inc
  • Nopa Nordic Group A/S


  • Commercial degree at Struer Handelsskole
  • CFL, Advanced Business Development, Strategy, Innovation, Globalization and Change Management
Loonsebaan 127
5263 CM Vught
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)73 – 68 43 808
Btw: NL822624102.B01
KvK:  50065106

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