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  • Mere budget supermarkets opening in Germany

    Discount retailer Mere entering Germany

    Aldi and Lidl have over the last few years been seen as major disruptors in the European grocery market, initially starting in Germany, the home of hard discount, between them they now operate in many European countries. However, the model has evolved over the last few years, with expanded ranges from Premium, Organic, free from […]

  • Country Report: The United Kingdom

    In the year ahead of us IPLC will be issuing a range of Newsletters. The focus will be on countries where we have offices, bringing we believe, unique insight into individual markets and the role that Private Label plays in each country. This first one will focus on the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom (by […]

  • IPLC Research Report 2018: Opportunities in the Value-Added Private Label Market

    How mainstream retailers in Europe seek to drive shopper loyalty and category growth. Executive summary Value-added private labels (VAPLs) have become important within the private label architecture of retailers across Europe. Apart from margin improvement, they are crucial to differentiate from the competition. It allows retailers to take unique initiatives to meet specific consumer needs, […]

  • IPLC Research Report 2017: Driving Private Label Growth through Collaboration

    How Private Label Suppliers in Europe Experience the Relationship with their Retail Clients. Introduction: The market for private label products continues to grow throughout Europe but at the same time we have seen the concentration of retail food market share move into a few hands, with the top 5 retailers controlling over 70% of the […]